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July 10th, 2011 | by | screenwriting


I’ve spent the last couple of months, in between working on new film projects, on getting the mobile version of Fade In ready for release — mainly working around different platform behaviours and toolkit shortcomings.

Originally I wasn’t that enamoured of the idea of a phone-sized screenwriting program and couldn’t imagine anyone doing serious work on a tiny little touch keyboard plagued by malevolent autocorrect. To be honest, I still can’t imagine it, but I have become a little more convinced of the usefulness of being able to take a copy of your work with you on the go.

So now, while sitting in the waiting room, your options have been expanded to reading an outdated copy of People magazine, staring at the wallpaper, playing Angry Birds, or working on your screenplay with Fade In Mobile.

Just, you know, don’t forget to look up at other human beings and smile once in a while.

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