Feature film (2009)
Writer, Director, Producer

“A near-perfect flick.” “A filmmaking tour-de-force.” “Amazing.”



Apartment Story

Feature film (2001)
Writer, Director, Producer

“Extraordinary.” “A gem.” “Smart and wickedly funny.” “The most effective calling card a filmmaker has ever made.”




Chrome Noir

Men in hats. Tommy guns. Robots.

A film noir detective story that will have you…






Other things

Fade In Professional Screenwriting Software

Writing software (2011)

“The best screenwriting application…hands down.”



Future Boy!

Computer game (2004)
Writer, Developer, Producer

“Unique in every way…fresh, humorous…one of my most memorable gaming experiences all year.”



Also some shorter films, a bunch of screenplays, visual effects for projects from Hollywood blockbusters to music videos and commercials, some VFX software, one computer language, and another book.

© 2022 Kent Tessman

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